How Negativity can help you develop a Positive Mindset

The ions in your surrounding may be the explanation you are feeling on edge or discouraged they incredibly contribute to your emotional response system.

Pretty ironic how negative ions can bring positivity to your life. Nevertheless, How would they be able to have such incredible force? There is science behind these. Researchers are continuously grinding to find the biological effect of ions. Also, the most intriguing end they accompanied was that these could influence human health. In any case, how are particles fit to do as such?

A particle is only an atom or a molecule that relies on electrons. If it loses an electron, it is a positive ion, or if it increases an electron, it is a negative ion. A molecule will stabilize itself in nature by and large, and these particles end up becoming neutral. However, in nature, different sources contribute to negative ion.

The Wonderful Himalayan pink salt lamp

“The Himalayan pink salt lamp” is likewise an incredible case of normal Ionizer The salt around the lamp act as an ionizer, which will ionize the air hence creating more negative ions, having significant medical advantages. So, how do they influence the human mood? Negative ions are proven to increase the happy chemical in our body, Serotonin, which makes us feel more confident and cheerful.

Hang on; there is even more. So, would it be a good idea for you to break out and purchase The Himalayan pink salt lamp for yourself? The thought behind this is the water atoms land on the outside of the lamp, and free chloride particles a negative particle. However, the energy needed to do this is high, so it simply does not occur. The Himalayan salt does not have the correct salt structure to do as such. The gemstone Tourmaline has the correct precious stone structure to ionize and create negative ions adequately. So should you buy a tourmaline gemstone? It is subjective; the gemstone cost thousands of dollars unless you have the almighty dollar, you cannot purchase. It is astonishing how air purifiers can create negative ions. Be that as it may, sadly, as it is modest, it has its downside. The air purifier creates a result that is ozone (O3). Moreover, this can have serious human health issues. Thinking you made the correct choice of buying an air purifier, Not.

So are clean negative ions so difficult to generate?

Perhaps nature has an answer to your every question. There are abundant manners by which negative ions are created in the environment. The cosmic beams when entering the earth air move their energy to the air which thus ionizes the air making negative ions, even the sea surface has a decent measure of negative ions. These sources create negative ions in a limited quantity.

The main source to produce the negative ion naturally is Waterfall. When water atoms crash into rocks or with one another they make an electric splash of negative ion moving them in the encompassing air. A similar impact happens when sea waves crash into the stones on the shores. Subsequently, this may be the motivation behind why you feel Relaxed and quiet near a cascade or a small void shore.

In one study, people were divided into two groups. Participants in high-density negative ion had significantly faster reaction time and reported being more energetic than those in ambient air control. Also, EEG experiments showed that people exposed to high-density negative ions had a slower alpha wave frequency with higher amplitude summarizing to increase relaxation, sharpness, and improved working limit. Opposite results have been found with positive ions! In one study volunteers, were exposed to a high concentration of positive ions. Symptoms of anxiety and excitement significantly increased. A review study published in 2013 did a detailed analysis of every study related to ions and stated that there is no consistent influence of positive and negative ion on anxiety, mood, relaxation and Sleep.

Final Thoughts:

The primary question still left unanswered that how would we improve our mental health? Indeed, even the scientists are attempting to expose the impact of negative ions in the human state of mind. Perhaps there is yet an expectation that these particles hoist human serotonin level and boosting our state of mind.

If you are looking to improve your mental health with scientifically-backed studies there is nothing better than taking a walk in nature or indulging in some physical activities. It is better to take some time off focus on self-analysis and gather your backpacks to visit your closest cascade or a seashore as it is legitimately said that “Nature holds an answer to every one of your questions”.



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Rameshta vishwakarma

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